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cochin Sedan Tourist Taxi Service

Royara Cabs has the name of being the best taxi service in Kochi, Kerala. Royara cabs have a wide variety of sedan tourist taxis available for you to choose from. Traveling in Kochi can be made easy & more enjoyable with a sedan car. The most economic sedan tourist taxis that we offer are the Swift Dzire and Toyota Etios.Royara Cabs provides both AC as well as non-AC sedan taxi services. Our drivers are well behaved and are professionals who know their way in and out of the city.

Royara cabs provide the best affordable sedan taxi service in Kochi. If you are a group of 4 or less, you can travel in comfort in a toyota etios taxi in Kochi. If you are looking for a day trip in the city, an office trip or any other engagements, book a sedan taxi in Kochi to make your day more memorable.

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Our Fleet of Cars

Sedan Taxi Service in Kerala, India

Explore our fleet of well-maintained and regularly inspected vehicles. We provide both A/C & non-A/C cabs from economic to luxury, from Tata Indigo to Mercedes Benz S-Class.
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Suzuki Swift Dzire

Frequently Asked Questions

Sedan taxi services typically accept cash, credit/debit cards, mobile payments, mobile apps, and pre-paid accounts for payment. Payment options may vary depending on the service and location.

To cancel a booking with a sedan taxi service, you can contact the company, use the mobile app, or check the cancellation policy. The process may vary depending on the service.

The number of suitcases that can fit in a sedan varies based on car size, suitcase size, and presence of passengers. Usually, 1-2 large and 1-2 small suitcases can fit in a sedan's trunk and cabin. Larger sedans or specific vehicles may have more luggage space. It's best to confirm with the taxi service

Taxi drivers usually assist with loading and unloading luggage, but the level of help may vary. If you have specific requests or a lot of luggage, inform the company ahead of time.

Sedans typically carry 4 to 5 passengers and are not designed for 6 people. To transport 6 or more, consider booking a larger vehicle like an SUV, minivan, or van.

A sedan may be suitable for a family of 4 or fewer with limited luggage, but a larger vehicle like an SUV or minivan may be better for larger families or more luggage. Consider your family's specific needs and discuss with the taxi service for recommendations.

Sedans offer advantages such as comfort, fuel efficiency, handling, cost-effectiveness, easier parking, and style. The specific advantages will depend on the make and model and the driver's needs and preferences.

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